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Man gives up running DNA test on his kids – read his reasons!


A man took to Facebook to narrate his experience when he took all his four kids out to carry out DNA tests.

The man, Chidi Okafor, said he became restless when he started reading stories about paternity tests on Facebook. He then decided to take his kids to get the DNA test done when his wife wasn’t around.

But he ran back home when he heard how much it cost.

Read what he wrote below;

Ever since DNA issue raised up, I became restless

Just yesterday morning immediately after my wife left to work, I quickly prepare my four children, drove them to a general hospital far away from home for DNA,

After reading all the comments and the manner people talked about this yesterday , I thought it was going to cost nothing,

Not until I was told the cost for each

I gently took my kids back to car and claim them with Faith


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