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Man that Got His 21-Year-Old Daughter Pregnant Says ‘She ra.ped me’


As at yesterday, a 50-year-old man was detained for having slept with his biological daughter and also getting her daughter pregnant. The story has taken a different direction, as he has disclosed that his daughter was the one that ra.ped him, while also accusing his indulgence and blaming it on the devil.

A preliminary investigation by policemen at Igando Division has disclosed that the suspect, Taiwo Oyelabi, had been having se.x with his daughter since last year November. It was further disclosed that he often carries his daughter to work where the act also took occurred.

The trouble began for the girl, who has a twin after her parents divorced. Their aunt, who stays in Cote D’Ivoire, took custody of the children until they came back last year to Nigeria.

Explaining how the suspect was being detained, Imohimi Edgal, Commissioner of Police, Lagos State Police Command, who described the ungodly act as not only un-African but against the law and humanity, said:

“Sometime in November 2017, the suspect took the now grown girl from his sister and brought her home to live with him in his house at Iyaba-Oba.

Since then, the suspect had been having inappropriate se.xual liaisons with his daughter and the unholy liaison between father and daughter resulted in pregnancy.

Investigation into the case revealed that the suspect is a security guard. But the strange part is that whenever he was going to work, he went with his daughter. This strange behavior attracted the attention of the community and they reported it to the Police.”

When the suspect was being approached he said:

“This is not ordinary. It is the work of the devil. But my daughter is also to blame because she ra.ped me. She started by kissing me. The first time she did it, I was sleeping.

I woke up and beat her and told her to stop it. I even took her to a white garment church for deliverance, where I was told to bring some things with which to prepare some spiritual bath for her to stop the act. I even went ahead to engage her in a nylon-making factory, yet she continued.”

He was asked the reason he always went to work with his daughter, he said:

“She said she could not stay at home alone, as her twin sister is married and my second wife left me when my children came back.

We did it five times. By the time she realised she was pregnant, she was over three months gone and there was nothing we could do about it.

Besides, I am not the only one she has slept with. She also has a boyfriend. I believe her boyfriend is responsible for the pregnancy.

When I discovered she was pregnant, I tried to kill myself three times, but people stopped me. The first time, I tried to drink insecticide, but a neighbor stopped me.

I later jumped into a well, but I was rescued alive. I wanted to take my life because this is not real. It was my landlord that reported me to the Police because I owe him.

According to the CP, the suspect will be taken to the special offences court in Ikeja.



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