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A Man Who Got Married to His Sister Undergoes Spiritual Cleansing With 7 Virgins (Photos)


Chiadikobi Ezeibekwe, who’s a mathematics teacher had surprised his community and the country at large after he got married to his 17-year-old sister, Chibuzor Ezeibekwe. Chiadikobi has undergone spiritual cleansing.

The cleansing event which was held on Saturday, March 24th, as the entire family of Lewis Ezeibekwe, underwent a spiritual cleansing that was carried out by the Parish Priest of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Ekwulobia, Rev. Fr. Ignatius Onwuatuegwu.

It was gathered that Chiadikobi Ezeibekwe had revealed that he married his sister because it was a clear instruction from God. “We didn’t just jump into this marriage thing because we can do it, God showed it to me and not only me, it was shown to other people in this family. God asked me to marry my sister, yes, and I didn’t propose to my sister.

“Sometimes you may have the vision, you just keep it, and in the process, she got the same vision and spoke out because if she had not had the vision, I would not have been able to speak about it.

“I have tried to feel ashamed, guilty or sober since this thing happened, but no way. I feel fine and at home. I have asked God to make me feel bad and guilty if I have done evil, but I am not feeling any of such,” he had earlier said.

During the spiritual cleansing, eight members of the Ezeibekwe family all knelt down before the traditional ruler, traditional prime minister and elders of the community and apologized to the entire Agba Ekwulobia community.

Chiadikaobi also asked for forgiveness from the community for marrying his sister. After the cleansing rites, seven girls said to be virgins, clad in white dresses, used seven palm frond branches to sweep the Ezeibekwe compound.


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