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A Millionaire Have Been buried with Approximately $2m worth of Jewelries, Bentley and Timberland (Photos)


33-year-old Sheron Sukhdeoa Millionaire Cadillac, and real estate Tycoon who hails from Trinidad and Tobago, who was murdered on Monday in cold blood, has been buried finally with fashion accessories ‘he might be needing in the afterlife.’

The father of two children, who was shot several times in a drive-by attack outside the apartment of his of relatives at Caroni Savannah Road, Charlieville shortly before 9 p.m on Monday, March 26th, died while he was receiving treatment at a hospital and according to local media, he left behind an empire worth tens of millions of dollars to his wife and children.

Dressed in white along with his renowned gold jewellery decorating his fingers, hands, and neck, he was buried in a $50,000 casket which had words like ‘Sheron’s Auto’ and ‘World Boss’ that were inscribed in it. A pair of Timberland boots were put inside the casket close to his feet, while his trophies from various racing events were on display.

Sukhdeo’s body arrived his apartment in a white hearse just before 10 am, where his fleet of luxurious cars was being parked. At the funeral service of the millionaire in his palatial home in Orchard Gardens, Chaguanas, hundreds turned out to mourn the businessman whose funeral reflected the life he lived – luxurious vehicles, excessive gold jewellery, friends and family, loud music and a car show.

His body was taken into the house briefly and then brought back outside, where his wife Rachael Sukhdeo participated in his final Hindu rites.

Just before his body was reduced to ashes (cremation), Sukhdeo was showered with Moët champagne at the Waterloo Cremation site in Carapichaima. Before his death, the businessman was charged twice for assault in February 2016 and later in May 2017, but the charges were dropped after his wife refused to testify.

On the funeral programme was a poem, “Our family chain is broken, and nothing seems to be the same. But as God calls us one by one, the chain will be linked again.”

Here are more photos below;


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