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Mimi Orjiekwe remarries, just few months after her Previous marriage crashed


A few months ago, Nollywood Actress Mimi Orjiekwe disclosed that she is out of her marriage to Charles Billion Pius because of infidelity issues apparently. That he got two women pregnant two simultaneously.

There are speculations that she has gotten married to another man and also moved on with her life… and this was confirmed by Mimi herself on her Instagram.

A user questioned her thus; “Didn’t Mimi’s husband impregnate another girl? I thought they are now divorced”.

and she responded with; “She’s now married to someone else.”

“People will judge you no matter what you do.. so you might as well do what you want to…”, Mimi captioned a photo Instagram which fueled the rumors.

According to reports, the Enugu born thespian’s estranged husband, Billion, was expecting a son with his USA based lover.

Coincidentally, the woman is named Mimi and she is already addressed as Mimi Pius, fueling speculation that she is already married to Charles.

The embittered actress had also confirmed that her marriage ended few month after it was contracted.

“It’s true, we are no longer together. He has two baby mamas not even one and he has been begging my dad to make things work between us but my mind is made up. No more going back to him.

I’m doing great. My baby and I are just fine. Charles is not worthy to break my heart, so I have moved on,” she revealed.

Mimi Orjiekwe and Charles part ways after their marriage crashed barely a year after it was contracted.

They, however, have a beautiful daughter named Jasmine who Mimi gave birth to in April 2017.


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