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Minister of Power Babatunde Fashola – ‘Nigerians Now Enjoy Better Electricity Than in the Past’


Ex-Governor of Lagos State who is now the Minister of Power, Housing and Works, Babatunde Fashola, at the April 2018 edition of the monthly power sector operators that was held in Umuahia, Abia State, said the right thinking Nigerians have disclosed to him that the amount of money they spend on power has been reduced and they enjoy constant electricity.

According to Babatunde Fashola, Nigerians now spend less money to get alternative power as they get more volumes of steady electricity supplied to their offices and homes. He further said that at the moment, most commercial and residential consumers of electricity have packed up their alternative power supply sources for grid electricity, which he claimed has improved tremendously.

“We are on a journey to a destination of promise and eventual prosperity and I use this occasion to salute the efforts and contributions of all those who have brought us this far.

Even if those who were most vocal in condemnation when the situation appeared very dire are now uttering some muted acknowledgment that it has improved, we must continue to draw inspiration from well-meaning and right thinking Nigerians who were gracious enough to publicly acknowledge that: they are saving some money from diesel they used to spend for generators; they are running their generators for fewer hours; and they are getting comparably more power than before,” Fashola said.

“It is because of those gracious and well-meaning and right thinking Nigerians that we must dig deeper, work harder and be more determined to improve service delivery,” he added.

This is coming after the Minister earlier this year, admitted that about 1.5 billion people lack electricity supply globally, out of which 90 million live in Africa’s most populous nation, Nigeria. According to the former governor of Lagos state, renewable energy is the fastest source power that can be deployed as the technology is compatible for decentralized, stand-alone electric sources and ideal for local, rural communities.

Sources: NAN


  1. This is a lie. Please don’t destroy the respect some of us have for you. Governor Fashola.There is no improvement on electricity yet. Why should we continue to deceive ourselves for God sake? Let us find solution to the issue of electricity generation not distribution please.


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