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Moesha Tells Amanpour – ‘Ghanaian Women Depend on Men to Pay Their Bills’


Ghanaian endowed actress and model, Moesha Boduong, in an interview she had with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour made an amazing revelation the reason why Ghanaian women rely on men to finance their bills. This came after she was invited in one of the episodes of CNN’s ‘S£x & Love Around the World’.

According to Moesha who agreed she sleeps with a man that is married, the economic situation of the country is so bad that the female gender is being forced to have se.x with men, just to earn a living.

CNN’s Christiane Amanpour talked with Moesha Bodoung on the topic “When being a mistress is a financial decision”.

Here are some excerpts from the interview;

Moesha Boduong: In Ghana our economy is such that you just need someone to take care of you because you can’t make enough money as a woman here

Amanpour: Why because you can’t make enough money?

Moesha Boduong: You can’t make enough money as a woman here. Because if you want an apartment, you have to pay for two years in advance and I just started working…where will I get money to pay…

Amanpour: Are you basically telling me you are having se.x with this guy essentially to pay your rent? (Shock in her eyes)

Moesha Boduong: Because he can afford to take care of me…

Amanpour: OKkkkkayhhrrrrrrrh

Moesha Boduong: He takes care of me, my financial stuff, my car, my rent, etc…

She added that in exchange for the money she receives from her lover/benefactor, she is expected to stay loyal to him and yield to his se.xual desires whenever he demands.

“He expects me to be loyal and just to date him only and give him se.x when he wants.You can’t say no.You have to give him what he wants otherwise he is going to think you are cheating on him, ” she added.

This is coming after Moesha disclosed in her previous interview, that she has not been so fortunate with younger guys and further revealed why she prefers dating old men.

According to her old men can stick to one woman at a time, and they are more caring.

“I like dating people who are 10 years older or 5 years older than me, I just think grown-ups treat you better, I’ve never been lucky with young guys, … they like girls too much so I prefer older men because they are more matured and teach you a lot of things..” she said
She also revealed that she does not need a man who is extra rich, but rather a man who can take good care of her.
“I don’t want an extra rich person in terms of money but someone who can take care of me and support me, I work but I still need someone to take care of me…’’


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