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Mother poisons her 13 years old daughter to cover up shame, after her father defiled and impregnated her


A 13-year-old girl was ra.ped and impregnated by her own father in Nasarawa state and her mother found out, poisoned her to cover up the shame.

The girl almost died from the poison, but she was rushed to the hospital where she was saved. She lost the pregnancy due to the poison given to her. She is currently in a General hospital in Nasarawa state and her parents are yet to be arrested.


  1. The question is “how many girls outside there has this man ra.ped before his own daughter fall a victim of his devilish act? He should be interviewed very well there is no doubt he is a rapist if his own child could be his next thought. His wife should also be asked “how many people has she poisoned to death before caught of her own daughter? This woman is a murderer. If she was to cover her shame by poisoned her daughter to die she must have been doing it before now whenever she found her husband in such act with another person or woman, it may not be only poison she might have been using she may have been using other methods in so doing. This matter should not go to sleep government should intervene and both of them should be set as example to others who may have such thought. They should be made known that for the fact that the girl is their daughter does not mean justice cannot be taken against them. They should be charged to court to face justice. Why will government look at it as family issue, for the fact that this child is “13 years old” not up to the age of knowing se.x but she was forced into it until she was inpregnated by the father and for the mother to cry out decided to want to murder her, the girl “must” get justice. The mother knew it that her husband must face justice if the news is spread out but is the step she took the solution, but it rather exposed them. This matter should be taken care of by the government as a Nigeria child seeking help for freedom. Apart from taking up the matter, this 13 years old girl must not return back home to live with the parent because the mother is still hurt and can still do anything especially if the matter is looked into at the family level the girl can be tormented to be killed by the father he she refuse to continue having se.x with him. It is hurt seeing one’s parent going to prison but we cannot continue to fold our hands watching things going astray. Let justice be done.


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