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Mother’s Only Child Commits Suicide as A Result of Failing JAMB Again


A Nigerian lady by name Klariza Ruby Ochei on Facebook has shared how an only child of a mother committed suicide because he failed JAMB again.

According to her, the son’s mother who has spent so much on his education, threatened him not to come home if he failed the recent JAMB exam.

The son took JAMB again this year and unfortunately, he failed.

This made him commit suicide by drinking rat poison.

Read the story below;

Gather around guys!
My mom told me a true like story yesterday that pierce my bone.

Her friend’s son wrote jamb the first time, he did well but wasn’t given admission. He wrote the next year and he wasn’t given admission as well. He didn’t give up, he wrote last Year and performed woefully, and his parents were angry with him. And his mom told him if he writes again this year and doesn’t do well, he shouldn’t come back home. Because she has wasted a lot of money on him alone.

The boy took jamb this year and unfortunately, his result was unpleasing. His parents were not at home. He told his friends(his neighbor) that he didn’t do well. He told them what his mother told him.
This boy went into the house locked himself, wrote a letter to his mom that his mom has never gone through his note even when he attended the tutorial. She is so busy with work and he took rat poison and died. And this boy is the only child of his mother.

Please, I beg of you parents never put fear in a child when it comes to academics. Even if he performed woefully he can learn a vocational trade and be successful. There are a lot of children who don’t do well in the classroom but in the room of vocational skills, they are unbeatable.
Besides, there is always a room for change, You want your child to go far than you’ve gone then you shouldn’t do it a Scarry way. Believe me, I am a teenager too and I tell you, parents, IT’S NOT EASY!! If it’s easy why didn’t you get to that stage you want your child to be now during your own time?? The funniest part is some parents don’t have Time for their children. To go through their children books is like a big task. Then how would you know if his failure has been telling him long before now??
Please let’s always encourage our children.. let’s give them the support we can let’s show them love n care as parents. No child is dull. It’s either fault are from the parents or teachers. Parents spend quality time with your children I beg you.



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