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Mourinho says “I Should Cry About Pogba Every Week”


Manchester United Coach José Mourinho says he should complain about injuries every week to get empathy and cry over it.

The Portuguese is in a war with Antonio Conte and this goes on ahead of their match on Sunday.

Mourinho will be going to Stamford Bridge on Sunday without the likes of Paul Pogba, Carrick, and Fellaini among others.

Claiming United have not received the credit they deserve for coping with a mounting injury list, saying:

“So it’s my fault. It’s my decision. It’s my way of dealing with problems. It’s my way of trying to motivate and respect and give confidence to the players that are going to replace those people. But maybe I have to reconsider my profile. I know that I moan about a lot of things but I don’t wish injuries and probably I should.

“I think any other manager would be speaking about Pogba every day. ‘Oh, I don’t have Pogba. Oh, when will I have Pogba? Oh, 10 matches without Pogba. Oh, all the Champions League group phase without Pogba. Oh, all the big matches, against Liverpool, against Chelsea, against Spurs without Pogba. Oh.’ I don’t speak about Pogba one single time. It’s only when you ask me about his situation.

“And it’s not just Pogba. It’s Pogba, it’s Fellaini, it’s Carrick, it’s Ibra [Zlatan Ibrahimovic], it’s Marcos Rojo. It’s a big group of players. So I think we are doing very, very well.”


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