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Mr 2Kay sues Eko Hotel for N500 Million after he was robbed and beaten severely in the hotel


Mr 2kay was robbed on the 22nd of October at gunpoint in his hotel room, at Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island Lagos.

After this unlucky encounter, the songster has taken a decision to slam a lawsuit of N500 million on the Hotel’s Management.

Recall, in a statement presented by his record label, Grafton, the incident occurred at about 11 PM on Sunday, October 22, 2017, during the Buckwyld and Breathless concert that was held where he also performed.

The robbers, 4 in number, entered into Mr. 2Kay’s room after he confused one of them for room service. They entered his room forcefully and waved a gun at him threatening to shoot him if he made a noise.

Mr. 2Kay, who was inside the room with a friend, tried to struggle with one of the robbers, as the others stamped and hit him with a gun, repeatedly cautioning him that they will shoot if he doesn’t calm down.

One of the robbers led and locked 2Kay’s friend inside the bathroom, while the others tied the Mr. 2Kay’s arms, legs and mouth and took his valuables including jewelry, clothes, perfumes, phones, and money. They also cut the room’s intercom (phone) to avoid any form of communication as they left the hotel.

The hotel authorities and police have taken statements for investigation, while Mr. 2Kay is getting medical attention for his wounds. “I was quite shocked when I got to Mr. 2Kay’s room last night.


“This was somebody I watched perform some minutes before the incident. Anyway, the hotel authorities and police are already investigating the incident and we hope they’ll apprehend the criminals as soon as possible,” said James Silas, Manager of Grafton Records.

While Mr. 2Kay has refused to make an official statement on the issue, reports claim that the N500 million is expected to cover for his lost items, hospital bill and other damages that were not mentioned.

According to a reliable source, spoke on the condition of anonymity, “Mr. 2Kay has vowed to follow this lawsuit all the way, and he will not rest until he is fully compensated for his loss and damages”.


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