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Musician Flavour allegedly asked his second babymama Anna to marry him, while Sandra was pregnant with their son

Nigerian crooner Flavour who just welcomed a Son with his first baby mama Sandra Okagbue is in the news again, this time its in connection with second baby mama.
According to SDK blog, some months back, Flavour (who is currently responsible for Anna’s temporary relocation to Ghana to further her Education has refused to let go)  and even asked her to marry him.
They also allege that what happened thereafter is not known but Flavour is still on Anna’s life, and has refused her to move on and also told her that he had broken up with Sandra but quietly relocated her to the US to have their baby.
Unknown to Sandra, Flavour reportedly gave Anna full ownership of one of the houses in Lekki.
The two lovebirds Anna and Flavour did not stop dating but removed their relationship from the social media,same way Sandra was advised to do and that way,they avoided social media drama.
Insiders says Whilst Sandra is currently happy and Nursing her Child away from all the drama and stress,Anna Banner is currently in shock because the Pregnancy news hit her bad and she has refused to take calls from Flavour who has been apologizing and begging her to forgive him.
The Rumour mongers allege that Sandra has affirmed her position as Flavour’s wife and whether he denies it or not,he knows the truth and so does Anna.


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