Home Article MUST READ: Hypocrites Everywhere – We are going to hell

MUST READ: Hypocrites Everywhere – We are going to hell


Hypocrites Everywhere

1. A Nigerian architect draws a building plan and does the construction yet complains when FASHOLA a Lawyer is made a Minister for Works, Housing and Power.

2. Dasuki and others are arrested and you are screaming with joy yet you even do worse as a treasurer in your association.

3. A political party denies making some promises and you scream foul play but you have been dating Nkechi, Aisha and Biola with promises of marriage for the last 7 years without taking any concrete steps.

4. Budget is padded and you start pointing fingers but you know how to inflate prices on receipts to cover for Miscellaneous Expenses.

5. I smoke, drink and womanize but your only crime as a Christian is backbiting..We are all going to hell.

6. You complain that Politicians are corrupt yet no files can leave your table if your palm is not GREASED.

7. An artiste buys a car worth millions and displays on Facebook and you condemn him/her for not helping the poor yet you are using an Iphone 6s and Samsung Galaxy S7…Who you EPP?

8. A pastor preaches FEAR NOT and yet moves about with Bodyguards.

9. You call women standing on the street at night Prostitutes yet you are sleeping with Emeka, Dayo and Ahmed and demanding money for making hair, phones etc…Any Difference?

10. You kill in the name of Religion, You do abortion in the name of love….No Difference.


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