Home News Must read! Nigerian Covid-19 survivor shares her experience.

Must read! Nigerian Covid-19 survivor shares her experience.


Oluwaseun Ayodeji Osowobi, the Nigerian woman who was the flag bearer at the last Commonwealth Day service in the UK, has shared her experience after she was diagnosed with the deadly coronavirus days after returning to Nigeria.

29-year-old Oluwaseun, who is a Time 100 Next Honouree and also a leader at Obama Foundation, said she began self-isolating when she returned to Nigeria after fulfilling her duties abroad.

While isolating at home, she said she kept calling NCDC to get her tested. The test was not forthcoming but she persisted and was eventually tested, but got no information on her test result.

One night, an ambulance arrived at her home at 12 midnight while she was sleeping and she was whisked off to the Lagos state isolation centre where she said no one attended to her for 2 hours.

“I got to isolation center, but no one was there to receive me. I waited in the ambulance for TWO HOURS, ” she wrote.

Eventually, nurses came out to attend to her and she said they treated her like a “plague”.

Oluwaseun, said she was eventually taken into the isolation centre and shown her bed space.

Read her full experience below;


  1. About Gov Udoms comment, any body that wants to give comment on COVID 19 better be sure of facts and data of information, before the information will give people heart attack. Which is no more the virus attack


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