Home Article Must Read!! A Powerful message to the Women by Foluke Daramola

Must Read!! A Powerful message to the Women by Foluke Daramola


Any lady who gets married and because of what Pastor or Pastor’s wife said, you decide to be claiming equal rights with your husband, you will just be setting yourself up for crises, unhappy marriage, divorce.

Pastors who’re saying a couple is equal are wrong; the husband is the head of the wife, Christ the head of the husband, they’re not equal.

This “equality” they are forcing into marriage today is responsible for most of the fights and killings, even Oyibo men can’t cope when their wife pushes herself as equal; they marry and divorce recklessly, some end up killing their wife and present it as suicide.

Enough said! The wise will listen. Those who think they can change nature, continue. We’re watching.

Actress Foluke Daramola has made future clarification about her stand on gender equality. Hear her:

“What got me upset was the fact that there are some things people talk about but they are not able to back it up with facts. When you say gender equality, the role of a man can never be de-emphasised to the role of a woman. That is why Hillary and Bill Clinton cannot be the president of the US at the same time. Bill Clinton had to teach her the grinds and she followed suit.

The Bible says that the man would love the woman and she would submit and respect the man. That position can never be overemphasised. I just wanted to drive some message home but later on, I felt it was not really worth it. When you have a bad mindset, there is no how another person can change it. My own position as a gender-based activist is not for the woman to be competing with the man but to complement him. In the scheme of things, the man would always be the head and the woman would be the neck. It does not mean that the woman cannot turn the head to whatever direction she feels like.

My own stand point is that of most reasonable women. Take for instance, Omotola Jalade has come a long way and she has been able to keep her home. It is just because she has a little bit of feminism in her. She has been able to balance her home and her career and that is why she has been successful. At the end of the day when people are talking, they should be able to think deeply and not just talk from the surface


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