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Nigeria man jumps to his death while trying to dodge arrest


Christopher Omoike, a  36-year-old Nigerian man, jumped to his death from the ninth floor of his apartment in Johannesburg, South Africa on Sunday May 20th.

Confirming the incident, the Nigerian Consul-General, Godwin Adama, who visited the scene of the incident said Christopher’s flatmate, a Nigerian named Oscar, said the deceased was trying to evade arrest by the police who stormed his apartment after a fight with a Nigerian baby mama.

Godwin Adama said that

“We were told that the previous night, Christopher had been very worried because he was having challenges with the Nigerian lady that had a baby for him and seized her phone. He reportedly beat the lady up later that night in a struggle over the phone, injuring her. On the basis of this, the roommate, Oscar, as part of his testimony, took her to the police station to make a report about the fact that she was battered… and based on this, the police were invited,”

Reports have it that Christopher’s South African girlfriend was with him that night, and he had threatened to kill himself if the police came to arrest him and that he made good his threat.


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