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Nigeria to begin evacuation of her nationals in the abroad from May 6th


Nigeria’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Geofferey Onyeama has said that the evacuation of Nigerians from the abroad due to the Coronavirus pandemic, will begin on Wednesday May 6th with the first evacuation from Dubai. 

The Minister made this known when he spoke at the daily briefing of the Presidential Taskforce on COVID-19 earlier today May 4. According to Onyeama, an Emirates flight from Dubai is expected in Lagos on Wednesday May 6, this will be followed by a BA flight from the UK on Friday May 8.

From Wednesday by God’s Grace, we will start the process of evacuation of our Nationals from outside the country. There are almost 4000 Nigerians wishing to come back home. If we had our way, we will bring them  back home all at once but there are various constraints and the biggest constraint is where to quarantine them., particularly the bed.

So we have done everything we can to get beds in Abuja and in Lagos.

In Lagos we have about 300 bed available. 

The first flight that we hope to have on Wednesday  is Emirates and it will be to Lagos. Then we are hoping that soon after that, a British Airways  flight that is coming to Nigeria to evacuate some British citizens will help bring Nigerians coming back. So we are hoping that on Friday, we will be able to evacuate from the UK anything up to 300 or less Nigerians.

We have also told our mission in the US that if there are any flights available, they should do a deal with them and get them to bring our people back.   Our missions in New York, Atlanta and Washigton have told us that Ethiopian airline does have a regular commercial programme out of the US.  So we are hoping that Monday next week, we can do a deal with Ethiopian airline to bring back a significant number of our people.

AirPeace has been chartered for a medical evacuation by a couple based here in Nigeria to London, so we are trying to also do a deal with them to have another UK flight coming in probably on Saturday.

China of course is a huge crisis and we are trying to see if we can get a plane to go and evacuate. There is a large number of our people there who have additional challenges so we are also working to bring them back. We are hoping to have an agreement with one of the carriers so maybe by a week or two, we can move into China to bring our people home.

South Africa, India, they are all also waiting. There are about 4000 of them so we will have to be patient. It is not easy but we are doing everything possible to bring our people back ” he said


  1. This our Nigeria leaders like venturing into unfruitful adventures… what are you bringing them back here to do….you are unable to cater for the citizens at your reach just for 1month yet you are talking about bringing in those that are comfortable with a better standard of living into this messy circumstances….. please who do you think will enter that plane to follow you back? Who? Those with better palliative and better standard of living? My country my leader…….please face and fix the issues within squarely

  2. those here are dieing ,cannot eat 2 square meals,,a country that can not spare 10k ,we claim cashless,yet we load money shown to us on t.v to give to a particular section of the country, to each citizens ,where everything done is political,we bringing those abroad,to me I can only say may be the family members,relationships and friends of those in power or with comfortable jobs are stranded.we want to go bring them back,an average Nigerian will never come back.

  3. Do you think any Nigerian will want to come back to this country ,we would have started from the countries that evacuated first from our dear country,like ,United States of America e.t.c, my follow follow leaders,where money is given cash just for show ,where and what is the essence of the b.v.m ,where the country is segmented ,if money is shared in the northern part, facially,on t.v what about other 36 states are they not nigerians.that plan will go empty and come back empty , because we know our government is just scam,every problem is an opportunity to loot public find.

  4. Do you think any Nigerian will want to come back to this country ,why don’t you stay from the counties that evated it’s citizens first from our dear country,e.g United States of America, e.t.c,my follow follow leaders.


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