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Nigerian Guy Shares how God Delivered him Through The Aid of an Insane Man


A  life coach by name Fola Olatunji-David has recounted his experience of how a man with insanity saved him on the road from many of his personal travails.

Read how he shared his story below;

God is still in the business of embarrassing us with miracles.

Summary; My car stopped on the road today in Surulere. Was stranded for 45 mins trying to diagnose and find help. A half-naked MADMAN shows up and tells me what to do (go buy fuel). 15 mins later, problem solved.

Took the car to the shop for some mechanical work a few days back… As per Naija mechanic (fix one, spoil another), he spoilt the fuel gauge. So I didn’t realize I was out of fuel (gauge was still well over half, and I hadn’t driven a car in days to remember proper level)

After my informed diagnosis of problem elimination, I conclude that the new fuel pump that was replaced must have been fake. Thank God I kept the old one right? Wrong! I start to struggle with the back seat of the Toyota to access the fuel pump canister.

Just to be on the safe side, I decide to try starting again. I was wearing a white dress shirt and was already half soaked in sweat. This guy shows up shirtless and starts to shout “Na the fuel”. Thinking it was a tout, I just ignored and continued my “work”.

After 10 mins of struggling and not making headway, I step out of the car to catch my breath. This guy starts walking to me, it was then I realized that he wasn’t a boy in the hood showing off his abs, but a middle-aged man who was mentally unbalanced and destitute. MADMAN!

I was certain today was an unfortunate day because not only was my car bad on Eric Moore Road, I was going to be accosted by a madman. He calmly walks up to me and says “Oga it’s the fuel, go and buy fuel”. I said thank you to let him leave me peacefully, and he did!

A few problems here (in my mind):
1. My gauge said otherwise
2. Even if, I didn’t have a keg to buy the fuel
3. I didn’t know where to buy the fuel
4. It definitely wasn’t the fuel – I now remembered that I bought a full tank less than a week, and hadn’t gone anywhere with it

30 seconds later, this guy comes back with a dirty 5 litres keg with a makeshift cover made of all the nylons and “pure water” sachets he could find, and says I should “leave here and go buy fuel”. Y’all know that in Nigeria, leave here is not an advice, it’s a warning.

I decided I needed a break either way, and I was probably on his turf. As I was flagging a bike he didn’t say a word, just looked at me like he was going to sell my car the moment I went out of view. Today couldn’t get worse! Have you had a madman angry at you before?

Anyways, I make a quick trip to the Conoil up the road and come back. Get back to my car and the madman was gone! Hallelujah. Next up create a funnel out of empty plastic water bottle, I grab one bottle from the car, looking for something sharp to cut it.

Couldn’t find something in the car so decided to improvise. Immediately I came out the car guess who was holding an already cut bottle… Yes, this madman. He gives me and moves back (as you would if you gave someone something very dear to you). I was half spooked, half amused.

Anyways, I pour the fuel, run the engine and the car starts on the spot as if I just drove from servicing… I couldn’t believe it. I had reluctantly bought the fuel and wasn’t expecting it to work. Stunned I start to thank the guy and he was just smiling.

I reached out to thank him, but by now he was back to being mad… talking complete rubbish and point to the ground and stuff! I forced 1000 on him and left. Mad as in, kolo!

Fam! God made a madman temporarily gain his sanity to sort me out!!!

I grew up hearing my father proclaim “I can never be stranded” and “I was young and now old and never seen the righteous forsaken or his seed beg bread”… Today, those words became life.

It’s more amazing because I’m not righteous, not by a mile, but its a continuous testament of God’s love and commitment to embarrassing us with his mercy and grace!

I repeat, God used a madman to help me! Wow.

See screenshot below…


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