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Nigerian Lady Has Adviced Ladies To Stop Underrating Broke Guys


A Nigerian lady by name Monisola on Twitter has called out ladies who are fond of underrating broke men.

According to her, ladies shouldn’t make a man look down on himself because of his financial status.

She wrote;

I’m sick of broke shaming. It is obnoxious and cruel. To expect a man to be financially buoyant simply because he’s a man is just as offensive as expecting a woman to cook and clean simply because she’s a woman. Not every man has deep pockets.

If we’re kicking against patriarchal norms then we can’t *expect* men to be rich because they’re men, especially if you as a woman don’t even have your own money! That’s a disgraceful double standard.

If you don’t want the validity of your womanhood to be evaluated based on your domestic prowess, then stop devaluing men for being “broke”. Everyone is on their personal journey. He’ll get there when he gets there.

If you don’t want to date a man without money, fine, you have every right to make that choice. But don’t shame him for his financial status. That is cruel. Money does not grow on trees.

I even see women shaming men for being in the exact same financial position as them and honestly, I’m embarrassed. Don’t be hungry, please.


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