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A Nigerian Lady backs up her claim – “Men will forever be scums”


A Nigerian Lady went on her social media to recount how her friend got heartbroken three times after giving birth to a baby for her lover, then found out he has gotten married to another lady.


“When we say men are scum, you’d think it’s an insult but on the real “Men are real scum”

So my friend got pregnant with her boyfriend in 2016, she didn’t know she was pregnant until she got into NYSC camp. By the time she got out of camp after 3 weeks she was already 6 weeks in.

She didn’t want to take the risk of aborting so she kept the child despite the guy insisting that she aborts the child. She stayed back in Niger where she was posted and didn’t inform her parents until she had born the child.

When the child was a month old, she informed her parents on the phone and her parents told her not to come back home ever cos her mum was the leader of the Christian women in the church. After everything, her family accepted her but the boyfriend’s family rejected her and the child.

The boyfriend didn’t support in taking care of the child pre-natal and postnatal. He came back when the child was about 6 months old to beg her and they continued their love afterward while they planned for the future.

In December, his attitude changed he stopped picking her calls or checking up on her. Today, he called her to Domino’s Pizza in Herbert Macaulay Way, Yaba to inform her that he got married to someone else in December.

She’s so devastated and I don’t even know how to console her. She doesn’t know where to start from or how to inform her parents of the new development. And all hopes of a happy ending just ended.

Men would forever be scum”.



  1. The girl has her self to blame. Why would she have unprotected se.x in the first place. The mother is a disgrace to Christianity. Calls herself a leader of Christian women and does not know what Christianity is all about. The girl should be happy the boy confessed and it is over. That marriage would not have lasted as he had no compassion or respect for the girl. She can still meet a good man and be happy. Learn from your mistakes.


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