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Nigerian Lady cries out – “My parents still beat me at my age. I’m 23 this year”


A Young Nigerian lady has penned down her to story Psychologist and Popular Blogger Joro to disclose how she still gets “beatings” from her parents even at her age.

Read what she wrote below;

Good Morning bro joro, please I need you to post this as soon as possible and please hide my identity. I’m a Yoruba lady, 22 years but will be 23 this year.

My parents beat me up at any slight mistake, keep malice with me after and still expect me to beg. I don’t have a problem with the begging cos they are my parents. I can remember the one that happened in 2016 with my mum. I just graduated from school and wanted to learn a vocation.

I chose smth, she said no that i have to learn smth else. I said i’m now a graduate and at least I should be given the opportunity to choose a trade to learn.

She stopped cooking my food separately after they are done with theirs. Then one day she decided she’s not giving me food again and i told her it is not possible that am I not her daughter and we started exchanging words and she beat me blue black.

I couldn’t take the beating again and i collected the cane from her. And she started shouting and crying that I’m the one beating her, I couldnt sleep at home that day, slept outside. She reported me to people in the church, they caled me and I explained my part, but you know an adult can’t lie.

I was asked to beg and I did. So many similar cases took place after then. Now fast forward to 2018, I finished my service Dec 2017 so I’m still at home applying to everywhere applicable. On Thursday at night, I was in the sitting room only for me to see my dad with cane in front of me and before I could say anything, he started beating me. He said I didn’t tell my siblings to put off the gen cos we use 2hrs at night and we used 2 hours and some mins that day. So because of that I deserve to be beaten.

The following day which was a friday, nepa restored the light so I put on the necessary things but didn’t go to his room to put on anything. Only for him to tell my sister to remove all my appliances from the socket that I shouldn’t charge in this house because I didn’t put on the light and TV in his room. Throughout that day, he didn’t talk to me. So I knew another round of malice is on it’s way.

On Saturday morning which was yesterday, I carried my bag and told them I’m going back to where I served. They were like did I discuss it with them before, I said no, but they knew i’ll still go back cos my loads are still there. My father gave me tfare and I left the house. 

Only for my fiance to call me to go back to the house, but I said no, I’m going cos he doesn’t know what I’ll go through, I explained to him and he claims to understand but I don’t think he does, I sha entered the bus and started traveling, when I got to half the journey, my fiance’s mother called me to please go back home and apologize, for what again, I’m the one that’s hurt right now, but I didn’t want to argue with her, and I said okay. I came down from the bus and entered the one going home. I got home and I apologized, though they’re still keeping malice with me and giving me attitude.

Joronation, Please I just want to know if this is how all youths are been treated or I’m the one with a problem cos the thing is driving me crazy with no one to hear me out, as an adult cannot lie. Thank you.


  1. My sister let me ask you one question, is it how they have been behaving since you were born? At least you said they are your parent and you haven’t get used to them all this while, I mean by now you should have know what easily provoke them or cause all this treatment from them to you. Please you have to endure, you have limited time to stay with them now, yes adult never lie! Becareful don’t allow Satan to use them as a stumbling block on your way of success. Pray always to God to change their ill treatment towards you. Don’t run away from home the outside there is dangerous, and don’t because of this do something you shouldn’t have done. Be patience and Almighty God will see you through.

  2. Your parents must be very harsh. You as a graduate need to be talked to and not beating every now and then. After completing your service year and about to marry as you told us that you have a fiance whose mother knows you. Your parents need to rethink.

    However, we have only heard from you. It is possible you are a disobedient child. Please be gentle and obedient. The journey is not far as you will soon set up your own house. Give your parents all respect due to them and I am sure God will help you.


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