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Nigerian Lady to Guys – “If you want to ask me out, please tender your employment letter…”


Yesterday, there was a story of a “Yahoo Boy” that was trending who got interrupted by his pregnant girlfriend, while he was calling “spirits” during his 100 million naira ritual.

The story was shared by Twitter user, @____Queenkunta.. Here’s what she wrote;

“A yahoo boy once gisted my friend & I about his pregnant girlfriend almost died cuz she interrupted his ritual.

She had a key to his apartment & didn’t know he was performing ritual at that time. She knew she was dating a yahoo guy btw. He was expecting 100 million.

His baba told him he mustn’t be distracted while performing the ritual. He was halfway through, when his babe entered. He had already invoked all the spirits. It affected the babe and she passed out.

This guy said he didn’t even bother with her. He finished what he was doing before he rushed her to the hospital”

In reaction to the story, Chichi Arinze on Twitter said she will asking for an ID Card, Employment letter, and letter of recommendation from her “suitors” before they can even be considered by her.

Here’s what she wrote this;

“So I hear yahoo boys are now using babes for rituals… From now onwards If you want to ask me out, you have to come with a copy of your work ID and a letter of recommendation from your boss. Thanks”


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