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Nigerian Lady Laments – I’m In Love With A Yahoo Boy, but i can’t marry him


Nigerian Relationship adviser, Joro Olumofin has narrated the story of an undergraduate student who is in a romance with a Yahoo boy.

A research that was carried out has disclosed that most Nigerian ladies don’t mind having an affair with an internet scammer as soon as he is willing to share his money with them.

Read her story below:

I’m in love with a yahoo boy

Hi Joro. I came across your blog for the first time today cos I’m rarely ever on social media. My story is one a lot of females can relate to. A couple of years ago, I met an attractive young man and we started dating, almost immediately after I met him, I found out he was a yahoo boy and I asked him and he was honest about what he does for a living.

At the time, I was already growing fond of him and I thought to myself that the relationship was obviously not going anywhere so why stress it, I made up my mind to enjoy it while it lasts since I was still pretty young and an undergraduate. He eventually broke up with me and came begging after a few months and I still took him back, he broke up with me again and this time I was grateful to God (I had that good riddance kinda relief). We had tried to stay on and off friends, since we parted ways the last time and fast forward till a couple of months ago, he came warming his way back into my heart and I started falling for him again.

I know really love him and care about him and he is everything I have ever wanted and we fit like a puzzle but I cannot marry a yahoo boy and he has been hinting towards wanting me to be his wife as I know he is serious. I think really highly of myself and I know I deserve better.


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