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Nigerian Lady Went to the US to Deliver Her Child, dumps her Spouse and Gives Her Baby for Adoption


A Nigerian social media user known as @NaijaClassCapt on Twitter has dropped a surprising revelation about his friend who was an ex-Professional heartbreaker, who got married to a Nigerian lady (psycho) he met at Obafemi Awolowo University (O.A.U)

According to @NaijaClassCapt, the lady who had always wanted to go overseas, got a chance after she traveled to the United States to give birth.  She, however, gave her child up for adoption and moved on with her ex- boyfriend who is now an American citizen. The tweet reads;

My friend went to US to give birth. She never came back. Issa thread!!!

First, let me begin with some context. They met 2005. In Oau while undergraduates. He had been dotting on a psycho who would be all lovey dovey today and pretend she didn’t know him tomorrow– a situation that brought him to tears multiple times

He had come to visit the psycho one day and she walked out on him. He broke down in tears. A former professional heartbreaker, he had never loved a woman and how this one woman he loved couldn’t be bothered to love him back troubled him.

As he broke down in tears in that corner room in Moremi Hall that rainy night, a quiet observant roommate of the psycho consoled him. What started as a genuine sincerely consolation of a broken friend blossomed into a young r/ship that grew into a courtship and then marriage

2016. He’s now a C level executive at a Julius Berger, she a corporate Lawyer at a less famous chamber. She wanted more. More than he could ever offer. He never knew. He wanted the best for his family. She wanted the best for herself, then, later, family.

She had, unbeknownst to him been wanting to leave the country. Yearning to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with fellow lawyers from Cambridge and Yale and defend clients in courts elsewhere. Nigerian would stunt how far he can go she has believed. Pregnancy was her chance.

Initially, she didn’t want to get pregnant. Her argument is that she wasn’t ready. Later, she argued that she needed time, so when she took in without any argument, Tunji was the most excited of men. He came running to me as excited as a child that just got his Christmas gift.

That was also when what we initially thought was pregnancy hormone-triggered behaviours began. She sold her car. He had to drive him to work initially. She sold many of the things she owed and he didn’t even complain. She insisted on giving birth in the US and he happily obliged

Last October, she gave birth, gave the child up for adoption and hooked up with an old flame who is now an American citizen. She needed him to process her stay. She needed her baby out of the picture so she can focus and get things done.

Two days ago, she called Tunji, my friend to inform him that he shouldn’t bother anymore, that she has moved on, the guy wanted to die. He hasn’t eaten since. Love doesn’t seem to be enough these days. Neither does money. Neither does being a nice guy. Look before you leap guys

Update: She had included divorce papers in the documents he unwittingly signed before she traveled and he didn’t know, by virtue of which she is to have custody and can put him up for adoption. She also took a sizable chunk of money from the joint account. so…


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