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A Nigerian LGBT Activist Gets Angry as Gay Man is Being Attacked in Imo State


Romeo Oriogun who is a Nigerian LGBT activist, who emerged as the winner in the 2017 Brunel International African Poetry Prize for his “beautiful and deeply passionate” writing based on masculinity and his desire in the face of LGBT criminalisation and persecution, went to Facebook to criticize homophobes who attacked an homose.xual man not for stealing, ra.pe nor any other crime that he committed, but all because he revealed his se.xuality in Isiala Mbano, Imo State.

According to Romeo, he asked why Homose.xuals are not given the same right as normal people in 2018, Instead citizens of Nigerian will rather keep their anger for queer people (gay) because they are the propagators of everything.

Here’s what he wrote;

He didn’t steal, he didn’t molest anyone, he didn’t ra.pe anybody, he didn’t hurt anybody. He was lynched because he dared to love, because he dared to be himself. fu.ck! It is 2018 and homose.xuals are still treated as animals, are still treated as people without rights. Nigeria will break you till you forget you are human. Who gave people the right to lynch a human being? Damn! This is stupid, this is so stupid. Nobody deserves to go through this kind of hell.

Just imagine after lynching him and his partner, they were almost set ablaze before the police arrested them and they were only released to a lawyer because of their injuries. They looted their properties; phones, cash, motorcycle, everything. Nigeria is a sad excuse for a country.

Nigerians will blame Queer people for everything yet it is in this country that Catholic Priests and their parishioners were killed by herdsmen, it is in this country that politicians loot our treasury and walk freely as they are hailed, it is in this country that health care in rural areas is nothing to write home about, despite our many problems Nigerians are not bothered, they reserve their anger for Queer people because they are the cause of everything, because what they do with their bodies will make the economy crumble. Rubbish.


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