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A Nigerian Man Cries Out – “Every time we make love the vag*na is deep and wide”


A Nigerian man who is hurt emotionally has cried out for help after he saw a used condom in his toilet that he shares with his girlfriend.

According to him, he came home only to see a condom that has been used inside the toilet, which he was so sure he did not use. The girlfriend has denied using the condom and she claimed she was going to ask him about the condom too.

The man has taken to social media to seek aid and get people’s opinion on whether to end the relationship with his girlfriend.

Read his story below:

Should I Break Up With Her, Serious Advise is Needed? I am in a bad situation and I need advice, please.

My girlfriend Tinuke I call her tintin for short, has been the center of my world but for some time now certain things have me worried… We started dating 2 years ago when we moved in together after the sixth month, we do everything together at least whenever we can.

To be clear I am not a jealous person but some things have really got me worried.

1. When we met she told me she has lots of guys as friends, and that she used to be a tomboy, even at work she has only guys as her friends, She works in KFC as a checkout girl.

2. We once went to her secondary school reunion and there were over 50 guys there and she was the only girl! I had to ask her if she went to an all guy’s school and she said these are the boyfriends of her classmates that the girls will soon arrive. They never did she danced with every single guy there, but at least she introduced me to her 4 school sons and 3 school fathers who took care of her during her high school days. The only thing that bothered me about the night was she kept sitting on the laps of a particular guy who seemed way older than her to have been her school son back then and for some reason they were whispering stuff into each other’s ears all night.

3. I work with an importer as his warehouse manager and sometimes I have to sleep there whenever we are doing stock-taking and I have come home twice to find her with one of her school sons shirtless in my house and she says they are doing interview preparations (She has a big heart and loves helping people) so I can’t fault this I just always caution her to tell these guys to not take off their shirt in the house, yes granted the house I hot as we live in a self-contained. But they usually drink up all the garri in the house it’s so annoying!

4. We once went to see her uncle she grew up with somewhere in Ikoyi and when we got to bourdilion she had to call several times finally her uncles driver came to pick us, I had to wait in the security house while she went in to see her uncle for over 5 hours and they didn’t even offer me ordinary water? I was so pissed.

5. KFC really stresses her out, she works even holidays, and every night around 10 her boss has to call and she has to give him reports sometimes he calls her to come back to the branch for random stock taking or reconciliation though he usually comes to pick her himself and is kind enough to send cool looking guys to drop her off the next day.

6. Another issue is that se.x between us is so bad, as in every time we make love the vag*** deep and wide constantly comes to mind, she says its the stress at work that makes her kitty so wide, I mean it is wide!! One can easily build a two wing duplex and still have space to park ten cars in there. We have had several talks about her quitting this job but not just because of how it affects her body but I have seen several nu.des pictures of male organs to some rich customers sent to her, I was very angry but she explained that I shouldn’t that she always blocks the numbers.

7. Recently I came home and I found an empty condom wrap in the toilet seems it was flushed but didn’t go, she said she wanted to ask me who did that, and what really got me angry was I saw a plate in the sink with remnants of garri and milk, I was saving that remaining garri she said her school son dropped by for tutorials, I have wanted her in the past about using up the garri in the house for these guests, now I think this has gone far enough. AI am seriously thinking of breaking up with her. I need a woman who can manage our resources not waste! She is a truly wonderful person with a big heart but this wastage has got to stop. I love her but this thing is driving me nuts!!


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