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Nigerian man gives reasons why he wants to end his marriage


A man who claims he is seriously considering divorcing his wife is seeking advice.

According to the man, before he got married to his wife, she told him she has an HND for Kaduna Poly, a diploma in computer science, and she also claimed she was 27. All these he found out to be a lie.

Read his full post below;

From the day I met my wife, she was after marriage. In less than two weeks of meeting her, she started pressurizing me to meet her family members which I succumbed to.

These are what she told me at the beginning of the relationship:

1) She had HND from Kaduna Polytechnics
2) She has Diploma in Computer Science
3) She is a professional cake baker
4) She was three months pregnant
5) That she was 27 years

My discoveries after marriage:

1) She doesn’t have any HND, infact no good WAEC result
2) She cannot even connect laptop to printer and print. She don’t know much about computer at all.
3) She doesn’t know how to bake cake. I discovered that the cake I asked her to bake for me, she gave the contract to her friend.
4) She was never pregnant. She had fibroid and that made her tummy big
5) She was 33 years.

NOTE: the reasons why I believed all she told me at the beginning was because she was a prophetess in her church. She speaks in tongues and prophesy many times and most of the prophecies came to pass.

I was even surprised that in less than two weeks of our relationship, she made move for se.x and we started having se.x. I did not even think of pre-marital se.x because I thought she was a holy woman.

The problems after marriage: several people began to beg me to forgive her and continue with the marriage. I find it difficult but she was still living in my house. I was just being forced my her family and her family members persuaded some of my family members to beg me too. I tried to love her but hatred for her was just building in my heart.

The fibroid surgery was successfully done and she got pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy. I thought the coming of the child may make me to forgive her but I could not recover from her betrayal. I even hate her more.

She wrote WAEC last session and got nine credits but the memory of her betrayal is giving me a lot of psychological trauma. I love an educated woman and cannot see myself glued to an illiterate woman in the name of marriage.

Major problems that made me sent her out:

1) She refused to go to my church. She always want to go to her church and even want me to join her there which I refused.
2) She doesn’t like education at all. She hate going to school and will never carry book to read.
3) Anytime I have disagreement with her, she will call her elder brother. And they will come and talk to me, sometimes in a very condescending manner
4) She is not submissive, very arrogant and talks with anger, authoritatively.
5) She is a societal woman, she loves joining several associations of women and be going to meetings every sunday which I don’t like.
6) She value clothes more than human being. She can use any money from the family purse to buy Hollandis, lase, George etc just to dress to her church for show off. I am introvert but she is extremely extrovert.

I sent her out of my house three weeks ago. She is trying to come back in the disguise that she doesn’t want her child to be only one, that it will make the child suffer in the future but I told her I cannot allow her to my house again. I love my little child and I cannot live with such a woman who is full of lies and pretense. I just have hatred for such kind of people.

What do you think I should do?


  1. Nothing good can be built from a foundation of lies . You have to forgive her not so much for her but for yourself. You deserve to be happy . Pity or a sense of duty is never a good enough reason to stay married. Because of you son is the reason why in my opinion you should not be together.

  2. Pray very well over it, be genuinely objective. Consider all her good behaviors and the bad side. In the end, with GOD’s guidance, obey your mind and move forward with whatever decision you have taken

  3. just as you learnt to hate her, learn to love her. how many times have you lied to others? no man is perfect. i also notice in your complaint it is only I. you are now two flesh joined as oner. it is now we

  4. Fot the sake of your child, because your child will definitely need his mother in one thing or the other, and it will affect your child sychologically even in his education so take her back, though the foundation of the marriage has already has fault but for your son sake, take her back.

  5. Chief, it isn’t about all your outlined reasons but the fact that you can’t be comfortable living with her as a wife again. In the interest of both parties and your child, let her go so that you and her can move on and do other things with your lives.

  6. My brother, Love comes naturally to our hearts, we learn to hate. Therefore, I believe you have the capacity to forgive her.

    Every man has one or two situations he’s managing in his marriage that nobody knows of. So, don’t think there’s any perfect marriage out there except you have another woman you’ve been eyeing outside.

    You just have to forgive her and move on with life with her.


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