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Nigerian Pastor Has Been Detained over false Prophecy and Taking a Car from His Member


The Bayelsa State Police has detained a Nigerian Pastor by name Apostle Kingsley Abiekunogho, who is the general overseer of God is Able Mega Fire Ministry, Opolo, Bayelsa State, for reportedly giving a false prophecy and taking a member’s car with his fake prophesy.

The Nigerian Pastor who was arraigned before Magistrate Eke Spiff on Wednesday was accused of fraudulently, obtaining a Toyota sports utility vehicle and N20,000 from a church member, Seiyefa Sayou, in exchange for spiritual breakthroughs.

The fraudulent act happened after Sayou visited the cleric’s church through an invitation by a friend on September 9, 2017. However a guest minister at the church’s crusade, identified as Apostle Chris, from Port Harcourt, Rivers State, convinced him to give the sum of N20,000 and his SUV, after telling him frightening stories of how people that didn’t give died mysteriously and how he (Sayou) would die if he failed to give the items.

Punch reported that Sayou went away with the vehicle and the money at the crusade after he was further promised that in a month’s time, he (Sayou) would receive whatever he had pledged to the church in double folds.

Narrating how the car was collected from him, Jones said:

“When they called me up, the pastor asked how much I had in my account and I said N15,000.

“He asked, how can you be an honourable member and have only N15,000 in your account? That was after they have said that I should sow a seed of N100,000 and I said I did not have. Eventually, I was able to pledge N20,000. I went to scra.pe my account and borrow N5,000 to complete it. They also asked how many cars I had and I said only one.They said I should sow it as a seed that I will get double of what I have given.

“The guest pastor gave me honey to drink and mandated me to do a change of ownership of the vehicle immediately. Thereafter, I went to a shop, bought a nylon bag and packed all my belongings and went home.

When I woke up the next day, I started looking for the car, then my wife reminded him that I had sown it as a seed in the church. After several months, things got worse for me.

So, I asked the pastor to return my vehicle. When he refused, I reported to the police. He later said he had sold the car which I bought N3.9m, for N1.5m.”

At the end of the court session, Magistrate ordered Abiekunogho to produce the guest minister in court at the next hearing which will be held on April 4, 2018.


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