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Nigerian Police reacts to the video of IGP fumbling by listing all the schools he attended


The Nigerian Police has reacted to the video of IGP, Ibrahim Idris that went viral showing him fumbling with reading a speech in Kano State.

Without saying much, the official twitter handle of The Nigerian Police Force shared a list of the schools he attended including;


  1. It is indeed shameful and dimmining. But then, who would you blame. Excellence, merit and hard-work have long been sacrificed for nepotism in this country. A country where you spend unfounded years in the primary, secondary and university due to incessant strikes which add up to your age and at 30, the civil service will tell you, you are not qualified to be employed because you are too old, which again wasn’t your fault. I really sympathize with him. I really don’t blame him, but blame the system that makes one forget every thing one learns even before graduation.

  2. It’s possible he must have bought his way through school…it’s high time people like this stepped down and allow competent hand to be at the helms of affairs.. The embarrassment most of our leaders are causing this country is becoming so unbearable that if no urgent action is taken away only God knows what will become of this country in five years time

  3. The blood of the innocent Nigerian citizens they have been killing will hunt them and disgrace them any where they go him and his boss.

  4. Could that be a reflection of the quality of education in Nigeria? We should be worried then. This is what we get when we sacrifice merit for nepotism.

    • Is not matter the quality of education in Nigeria, because 80% of those that schooled in Nigeria can read very well,so the university of Maiduguri should withdraw his certificate he his a disgrace to the university.

  5. He should be taking to hospital wia his Neuro…. I mean wia his brain should be examined properly bcos some things are wrong. I don’t really understand what happened to him, maybe witches from his village. His not a believers….. If he has God and truly trust in Him… Things of this nature wouldn’t ve happened to him…..


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