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Nigerian Rapper Yung6ix Has No Interest in Love After He Got Betrayed by his Girlfriend


It’s like the days of being in a romantic affair is over for Yung6ix as he went to his Instalive to reveal that he has no interest in love after he was betrayed by his girlfriend.

Yung6ix who shared some screenshots of the heartbreak songs he is listening to currently, said he just wants to remain single for now and further made an appeal to God to assist him because he doesn’t want to fall in love at the moment.

Here are some of the things Yung6ix wrote;

This isn’t the only time the rapper has penned down heartwarming things about his girlfriend. A few weeks ago, he went to social media to reveal that his girlfriend had billed him N700,000 for hair, and he gave it to her for the sake of love.

A few months ago, he also disclosed about his life and the turbulent times he has gone through.

He was born and bred in Warri, Delta State made him what he is today. Rather than allow himself to be consumed by the violence that has infested the city, he found his love for music, left his home for Lagos and everything fell into place.

Here are excerpts from the interview;

How was life like, growing up in Warri?

I won’t say that growing up in Warri was bad. My family was okay; we were doing fine but it got to a point that we lost everything. So, growing up was kind of two-sided; the good times and then the bad times. However, growing up into a teenager and disconnecting from your parents when you feel they no longer understand you were a different part of my life. I found music and I disconnected from my family. I felt there was something I needed to embrace when my family was not there. And Warri was very violent; I got shot a couple of times. I was stabbed; robbed, many things happened to me. I am grateful I grew up in Warri because if I had not grown up in Warri, I would not have been as wise or smart or even become what I am today. Because of the vibes the street gives, if you can make it out of that place, then you can be successful anywhere.Warri is full of goal-getters; that’s why most people don’t mind doing what they need to do to get to the top. It’s not easy.

Were your parents in support of your music career?

My parents were not in support, but most of the boys who were part of my crew when I first started rapping were like ‘what are you doing? They were asking if my career was going to work. But I always had this belief that

I was different. When I go to places and they hear my voice and music, they always say I am different. I held on to those positive vibes above all the negative vibes. Then I started doing things that would make people like me. I kept going until it got to this point.

Are you currently in a relationship?

I’m not in any relationship yet I’m not single. I am just focused which means I may be interested in a woman. However, I’m not ready for any commitment, because sometimes relationship holds back dreams. The last EP I dropped was called ‘Billionaire Ambition’. A lot of people thought it was all about music, but it was not. At this point in my life, I want to be a billionaire. Sometimes when you share some kind of things with women they slow you down.

Who is your ideal woman?

My ideal woman is different from the woman I am attracted to.

Can you recall your craziest experience with a female fan?

A girl tattooed my name on her body and I felt loved.


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