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No man is faithful, better to be single with kids – Ifu Ennada


Former Big Brother Naija3 housemate Ifu Ennada in a post she shared on Instagram said that she has come to the realization that no man is faithful, she also advised women to focus on themselves and live their lives.

She wrote:  “Men will embarrass you! I have finally come to the conclusion that no man is faithful. I swear men will embarrass you for small P*ssy and b**bs. 

“No good lady deserves to be with a stupid ass, shameless, cheating, bastard. Better to remain single and have kids by yourself if you really want kids. Just make your money, live your own life.”


  1. Ifu, i can confidently tell you that women a lot of women are into adultery, cheating their spouse. so you should not focus on men only base on your experience. Marriage at times is Luck. Marriage is a school that we all learn.
    Ifu, you can change your husband through prayers,there is nothing God cannot do.

  2. Using your personal negative experience(s)to draw a general conclusion, is not right,ma.There are still men who truly fear God.Please be guided accordingly.

  3. It’s a shame that you that younger generation are looking unto for direction is directly preaching single parenting, how did you get into the program, this is a confirmation that big brother Niger is filthy.

  4. Ifu,I can feel your depression,and i believe everyone is entitled to personal opinions.Do you. Know that most women are the cause of their troubles.You can’t be abusive and rude to a man and think you will get his total loyalty.You can’t always want to tell the world you support him,so you do what you like.Tell me the truth how many times have you dis obeyed your man?.Some of you African women are in relationship for what you can get and you don’t get it you become tiger!.All the places I visited abroad never did I spend more than a Tea or coffee in a shop or eatery.back in Africa it is gluttony that most young people exhibit.A man is very wise like dove,he knows if you are up for games or consistency. Buying a woman a car in Africa is like telling her to pick your enemies.Woman majority are not well nurtured in Africa.They don’t just have a good intentions to salvage situations.Some are abortionists who don’t even know what next is good for their existence. It is worthy of truth to know that most African women are always in a double-edge relationship.Some even in Emotional Affairs.and what do you call that?. They are broadly engulfed in infarctions of Emotions.People who will pretend all their life to love you.Just a sudden disagreement the whole world is surely going to be informed on your private life.Women who will always ask for a give back should there be acrimony in a relationship. Women you lift them up don’t be sure of their next agenda.The list is very inexhaustible

  5. Ifu please tell me, which woman is faithful??? It’s whoever that’s on the receiving end of the unfaithful-business that cry foul. I’ve seen even married women whose thirst for adultery is insatiable. Please be guided.


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