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No one can do anything if I decide to make my son chief of staff – Ondo state Governor, Akeredolu


Ondo state Governor Rotimi Akeredolu has said that there is nothing anyone can do if he decides to give his son a position in his government. 

Governor Akeredolu said this while speaking at a dinner organised in commemoration of his third anniversary as governor of Ondo State, told those present to work hard towards ensuring he gets reelected. 

Recounting how his son worked towards his election in 2016, the Ondo State Governor said; 

When somebody says Baba (Babajide) is this, I just laugh at them. If I wanted to make Baba my chief of staff, he can be; did you do more than him in the campaign? Ask yourself, how many of you did more than Baba in the campaign? How many?”

“The young boy was going everywhere and all of us saw him but we decided not to because he wouldn’t want it. My son is satisfied, that’s why. If he is not, I will put him somewhere, there is nothing anybody can do. I will put him there, there is nothing you can do. Is he not my son? Is he not from Ondo state? Has he not worked?

Governor Akeredolu also praised his wife Betty, saying he couldn’t have asked for a better First Lady. 

He added; 

I can never forget the great work that my wife has done in this state, I am not sure you can find a better first lady, someone who has great interest in women, great interest in children, great interest in whatever is good,” he said.

“I say to people, when I look at my wife, I say, look your wife can follow you because of love but you can’t take the love of her place from her. This is someone who loves you, loves this state and equally love her own state. You can’t find a better First Lady, you can’t see cause she’s committed to women cause. I am not too sure I know many women who are in government today who are there on their own.

“It’s all her efforts fighting me every-time that you can’t be for men alone, women must be in local government, they must be chairmen.”


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