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Nollywood Actor Emeka Okoro – How I Have Been Coping Without A Child For 10 Years


Nollywood thespian, Emeka Okoro who has been married to his wife, Jane, for 10 years, says they are still looking to God for a child.

In a recent interview with SUNDAY SCOOP, the actor opened up on how he has been coping without a child of his own all these time.

According to Okoro, he is not bothered by the situation.

In his words;

“I have been married for ten years and we are praying to God for children. I am not worried about my situation. When you are in Christ, you will know that some situations are just temporary.”

On how he handles pressure from family members, Emeka Okoro said:

“I don’t succumb to family pressure. I am a man who controls things around me, including my family; nobody can tell me what to do.

My wife is not disturbed as well because we know it is just a phase. The idea of taking another wife has never come to my mind too.”

Explaining why he hasn’t been so prominent on the scene, he said:

“I am still acting and I just finished my own movie, Flee, which will be premiered on March 30. Though I have not been acting much, I have been busy too.

I have a media company and I handle a lot of adverts for corporate companies. Sometimes, when you discover life, you want to diversify, but I am back to Nollywood fully now.

The acting was quite fulfilling for me then; everything was okay. But along the line, the course of my life changed when I met Christ and I became a born-again Christian.

When you are in Christ, God takes you through certain processes for you to become a better person.

In the past, I was a playboy and I didn’t care about whatever I did. Right now, I thank God in whatever I do.”



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