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Nollywood Actress Stella Idika – Men can’t resist my big boobs


Stella Idika, may not yet be a household name in Nollywood, but she is one of the most promising actresses in the industry.In an interview, she had, she revealed on how men find it hard to ignore her big boobs.

She has acted in movies such as Soldier Boy, Empire, Woman in Me, and Descendants of Jezebel, Idika is indeed good at what she does.

In a chat with Inside Nollywood, the tall and voluptuous diva recalled her most embarrassing moment with a male fan that just couldn’t ignore her big boobs. 

In her words:

“This male fan sent me a message via Facebook messenger. He said he loves to watch me on screen and each time he sees my movies, he concentrates on my boobs. He said he simply can’t take his eyes off my boobs and wonders what it will cost him to feel them. I was really embarrassed, honestly.”

However, the actress disclosed that while growing up, her big boobs didn’t make her feel comfortable among her peers:

“It really did. But after a while, I got to realise it’s actually a blessing and not abnormality. It is a blessing to me now (smiles).”

Speaking further, Idika said that she has a very forgiving and romantic personality:

“I’m a very romantic person. I can’t attest for myself, but I’m very sure I’ve got some irresistible charms. I just do the best within my capability to take care of my man. But if I catch him cheating on me, I’ll walk out, go somewhere quiet and think about my next move, maybe over a drink.

“However, if later he’s remorseful, of course, I’ll take him back. That he cheated doesn’t really mean he doesn’t love me enough, but if cheating becomes his lifestyle, I’m so taking off,” she assured.


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