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Nollywood Actress Sylvia Ukaatu – I Must Have A Taste Of My Man Before Marriage


Sylvia Ukaatu, who celebrated her birthday recently, has shared her own opinion on pre-marital se.x.

According to her, she would have se.x with her man before marriage to avoid flimsy stories that touch the heart.

Ukaatu is of the opinion it is safer and advisable for a lady to understand the strength of her partner before finally walking down the aisle with him.

In her words;

“It’s an individual opinion but there is nothing wrong in giving in to se.x before marriage when it comes to two consensual adults who know what they want. I will give in to se.x before marriage because I can’t shout  I need to know if my man is fit for the match. It is a serious business because it will be appalling to discover after marriage that my man cannot stay for five minutes in bed,” she told Potpourri in a one-on-one chat when asked if premarital se.x is wrong.

The Anambra beauty further emphasized her love for the intimate act when answering the question of what she would do if after marriage her man becomes inactive.

“We must find a solution, I’m not the type of woman that sings “I don’t like se.x” thereby pushing my man outside. I love se.x, so, we must find a solution if such a thing happens but God forbid that it happens,” she quipped.


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