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Nollywood Producer Kunle Afolayan – Aremu is stupid for saying our father was very poor


Nollywood actor Aremu Afolayan in an interview he had a week ago had revealed that his father, Adeyemi Afolayan, fondly called Ade Love, was poor in spite his popularity in the movie industry.

However, Ade Love’s most well-known son, Kunle Afolayan, has countered Aremu’s claims, saying that their father did not die a pauper.

He told Sunday Scoop:

“Do you know Ade Love? Was Ade Love a poor man? That is his (Aremu’s) own opinion as everyone has a mind of their own. I would not say things were rosy, but we were never poor. If your parents were able to give you quality education and you enjoyed some luxuries that a lot of people didn’t have access to, then you cannot openly say you come from a poor home.”

He further added that during when his late father was still alive, he was the top-notch filmmaker in Nigeria and he was always busy working on movie projects.

Kunle Afolayan said:

“I am sure I didn’t come from a poor home. Though I cannot speak for anyone, I just think he (Aremu) is stupid. I didn’t get to see the story. Funnily, some people thought I was the one who granted the interview. When the General Manager of Eko Hotel told me he read my interview in SUNDAY PUNCH, I was surprised because I didn’t grant any interview recently. Whenever I see the man again, I will let him know it was not me he read; it is a misrepresentation.”

Aremu Afolayan, who had said that the first time he saw an airport was far back in the year 2006, also said that he had a very poor upbringing as he had to settle with his mother who lived in a shamble and he didn’t enjoy the good things of life as they were all surrounded by poor people


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