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North has the highest number of illiterates and street beggars – ex governor of Kaduna, Mukhtar Yero


Mukhtar Yero, former Governor of Kaduna State, has advised Northerners in the country to work towards reducing poverty and illiteracy in the region instead of ensuring that power remains in the region in 2023. 

The former governor during an interview with The Sun, said that in spite of the north wielding the political power at the moment, it has not helped the economy of the region in any way. He also pointed out that the North has the highest number of street beggars and school dropouts. 

“I realized that if the North really wants to continue to eradicate the poverty that is eating up the people of the region, then we must shift our attention and our thinking to how the North can became economically viable. 

“But looking at the prevailing situation with north holding power, we can ask ourselves, is the North empowered economically?

“You see, looking at a typical northerner, he is a fair person when it comes to dealing with other people outside his own area. Once he gets power, he tries to be fair to everybody. In trying to be fair, he would not be too selfish to concentrate on his region. 

“At the moment, we need to go back to the drawing board and look at the economic challenges before talking of retaining power.

“In the North, we have the highest population; the largest land mass and the highest number of army of illiterates, including school dropouts, as well as highest number of street beggars.”

Yero also expressed fear of the north not being able to retain any political power in the future because of some challenges the region is yet to surmount. 

He added; 

“In the near future, even the political power we may not be able to get it because we are not economically empowered.”


  1. What is this one is saying pls
    When you are a governor what have you done to eradicate poverty in kaduna state? And now that you are in Abuja what are you doing to help the matter.
    The truth is you all failed us, masses are not your top priority.
    You alway busy for the things that you benefits only you and your family.
    God de


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