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I am not afraid to take firm views i have against the killing of christains – VP Yemi Osinbajo


Vice President Yemi Osinbajo reacted to comments made by some Nigerians that he is afraid to speak up against the killing of Christians in some parts of the country. Nigerians  accused him of being silent in the wake of many attacks in Benue and other parts of the country.

Reacting to the comments, the vice president who paid a visit to Benue state yesterday May 15th, said he has condemned the attacks at both the National Security Council and the Federal Executive Council.

In his own words, he said


  1. That is what I used to say about Christian reactions to national issues. They are very perfect in the display of double standard and selfish reactions when it comes to things affecting the generality of Nigerians. No one can say that the killings going on now affect only the Christians. Muslims and other religion worshippers were among the people that were killed. Many mosques had been attacked in recent times leaving many worshippers dead and Muslims were not heard pointing accusing fingers at anybody. All these things happen in other countries too but will not be seen to be treated in isolation. Many Churches had been attacked in the US, did you see the Christians protesting or blaming govt for its happening. Why were they calling on the Vice President? What do they want him to do? Christians don’t carry blue blood in their veins to say that when things happen to people they must be exempted. It is high time some Christians stop their religion’s holier than thou attitude. They are using this their selfishness to cause disaffection in government and among the generality of Nigerians. If they are true Christians who have fear of God, they should not be sectional in the judgement of what happens in the country. Defending our country against the evil people should be a communal fight not sectional.Those Christians who behave selfishly in the defence of other Christians are only doing it to seek relevance and affluence among the Innocent followers. They are not good Christians. The Jesus they are following did not forment trouble in the land. He was known to be a good person offering helps to all and sundry be it Christians or other religions. Many Christians nowadays do and preach opposite of what Jesus stood for that is capable of destroying a country.

  2. What ever is his name vice president we have seen all your lies and now tired please stop lying to us no more lies.


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