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Offa Bank Robbery: A Member Narrates How a Living Faith Pastor Escaped death


The Offa Bank Robbery which occurred on the 5th of April 2018 at Offa Town in Kwara state. It was a day of tragedy that nearly 30 people died, both civilians and military officers.

It was only a few people that were directly attacked by the arm robbers that survived the incident, as they either targeted the victim’s head or the neck.

One of the people that were lucky to survive the Offa Bank Robbery in a Miraculous way is a Living faith pastor.

According to the testimony that was shared on Whatsapp by Living Faith Church member. The pastor couldn’t explain how he escaped death on that tragic day:

“The Pastor who was on his way for an evening service alongside his family members, on the fateful day stopped to use the ATM (Automated Teller Machine ) at GT Bank

On seeing the neatly suited pastor, the robbers mistook him for the bank manager and they held him and ordered him to lead them safely to the bank’s vault.

The innocent pastor cried out and explained he is a pastor going for an evening church programme. He told them he had only stopped to make withdrawal from the ATM.

The robbers would not believe his claim, shot rapidly and killed people (number not confirmed) in the bank to scare the pastor, who they thought was the bank manager.

They ordered everyone holding their ATM cards to make instant transfers from the machine to their (the robbers) account, which the customers all did.

The pastor was ordered to slot in his own credit card and make transfer just like every other bank customer present, he obeyed the order, but something strange happened!

While he was trying to insert his card, the machine went completely blank!

Angrily, the robbers questioned his (the pastor) identity and at this time became totally upset and ready to shoot dead, the pastor.

One of the robbers questioned him, “Who are you?” the pastor replied he is a pastor at the Living Faith Church in the town and that he only came to make a withdrawal at the ATM stand.

To further clear himself, he pointed at his car and that his children are in the car waiting for him.

At the point, one of the robbers pointed his gun at the pastor, attempt to shoot him BUT the gun REFUSE to fire!!
At this point, the Holy Ghost used one of the robbers as an agent of protection for the pastor’s children.

According to the pastor, one of the robbers ran to his car, brought out his children, hid them from his ruthless co-robbers lest they direct their aggression at the innocent kids.

It didn’t stop there. The robber was said to even console one of the pastor’s kids who was crying and saying, “don’t kill my daddy” and gave her N500 to reportedly buy “puff puff” and stop crying so his gang members won’t be attracted to them.

In conclusion, the robbers let go of the pastor unhurt, took his car and drove off and later took his children with them as hostages.

But to the glory of God, the children were found about 10 minutes after the horrible incidents and the car recovered the next day.

To God be the glory. This testimony moved me to the marrow.
I was in a Winners’ church when the pastor shared this testimony. There were two other members, a policeman who had just left the Police station where all living beings were shot dead by the evil robbers before their robbery began.

Another member, a businessman who had gone for a business transaction at the GTBank was also kept alongside his colleagues amidst the violent attack.

There is no doubt God is truly faithful. It took only God to have exempted all his children from such tight situations.”


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