Home News #Offa Bank Robbery: Vigilante Group – We Counted 50 Dead Bodies

#Offa Bank Robbery: Vigilante Group – We Counted 50 Dead Bodies


Wasiu Adepoju, who is the Operations Commander, Vigilance Group of Nigeria, Offa, Kwara State chapter, on Saturday, has said that vigilantes in the state have counted about 50 dead bodies after the Offa Bank robbery on Thursday in the state.

This was against the 17 people that were accounted for by Mr. Lawan Ado the state Commissioner of police. According to the police reports, the victims comprises nine police officers and eight civilians.

On Thursday armed robbers had robbed six banks. The banks included Ecobank, Union Bank, First Bank, Guaranty Trust Bank, Zenith Bank and Ibolo Micro Finance Bank.

Adepoju in an interview he had with The Punch said the robbers took the local security personnel unawares. He said that there was little they could do when they learnt of the robbery because of the sophisticated weapons the robbers were carrying.

He said:

“After the robbery, we counted about 50 dead policemen and civilians. They shattered the bodies with bullets. They targeted mainly the heads of their victims.”

He stated that the robbers entered the area and started shooting profusely with their heavy guns, adding that they ran to inform the police as they did not have any ammunition that they can use to defend themselves or confront the robbers.

Adepoju said that before they could get to the police station, the robbers had killed some victims already, including policemen.

He also made an appeal to the federal and state governments so that they can provide them with weapons to motivate them.

Adepoju said,

“This is new to us. Bandits came to Offa some years ago. After that, all security operatives, including vigilantes, started to monitor the town from morning till night. They came twice at a time but it was not possible for them to operate.

The vigilance group boss said it would be hard for the robbers to operate and go unchallenged assuming the vigilantes were armed.

He further made an appeal to wealthy indigenes of Offa to assist them, saying they were only rendering voluntary work to the community.


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