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Olamide May Walk Down The Aisle With his Baby mama Before the end of The Month


Nigerian rapper Olamide may get married to his baby mama, Aisha Suleiman before the month runs out.

According to TS Weekend, there is an awesome plan on the ground for the wedding ceremony which seems to be held in the month of April.

The source says:

“Remember that he recently proposed to his baby mama and the only love of his life, Aisha. I can assure you that plans for marriage have reached advanced stages, and before the end of the month, both will tie the knot in a ceremony that will attract the crème de la crème of Nigerian society.”

 “Olamide was very close to his mum until her death and her exit has left a vacuum in his heart. But then, his baby mama has always been there for him. In fact, fans may not know it, but they have been staying together for quite a long time now. It’s only that Olamide does not like publicising his private life. I can assure you that before the end of the month, the singer will walk down the aisle and it is going to be an explosive event.”

The pair, who have been dating since 2011, have a son, Maximilaino Adedeji, who was born in 2015. Recently, Olamide revealed the proposal to Aisha his baby mama on Snapchat @baddosneh, some hours after he wished her happy birthday on the same platform.

There was jubilation across all social media after Olamide announced the engagement and so many of his fans and followers went to his page to wish him all the best.

Read a comment below:

Congratulations🙌 baddo nla

Science wedding coming up!!

Congratulations to them. This is the only thing we’ve ever heard abt his wife unlike them social media baby mama. I respect u bukunmi

Olamide got his girlfriend pregnant, stuck with her all through and now He’s wifed her. She was there for him from the onset and stayed till now. Men and women, learn from this 💖💖


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