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Oshiomhole has no moral ground to be in politics, nor a chairman of a party – Bukola Saraki


Yesterday Senate President,Bukola Saraki said the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, Adams Oshiomhole, has lost all moral rights to remain in politics.

Speaking with journalists during the sixth remembrance prayer for his father in Ilorin,  Saraki said Oshiomhole has ‘no locus standi to talk about morality in today’s Nigeria’s politics.

“That must be a joke coming from Oshiomhole talking about moral ground. I think Oshiomhole has no locus standi to talk about morality today. Oshiomhole is somebody who has been told to have been collecting not even naira but dollars from candidates and he is being accused by his party’s aspirants and governors.

I don’t think he has any moral ground, even to continue to be in politics, not to talk about being a chairman of a party. I remember in those days, even Oyegun, they never accused him of something like this.

I have left that party. I’m sure the President, based on integrity, knows the right thing to do. So, on moral ground, he cannot speak.”


  1. That is why Nigeria will always live in the dark. so, it has grown to the point we no longer consider morality in what we do! okay, if that should be maintained, Nigerians shouldn’t also be ready to face it resultant effect. Saraki should be advised okay!


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