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Oshiomhole’s call for Saraki’s resignation can be as a result of brain arthritis – Sen. Dino Melaye


Senator Dino Melaye has reacted to APC National chairman, Adams Oshiomole, call on Senate President Bukola Saraki to resign form office following his recent defection from APC to PDP.

After Saraki’s defection, Oshiomole had called for Saraki’s resignation, stating that Saraki, cannot continue to occupy a seat and a crown that is meant for the ruling party. According to Oshiomole, what is honorable for Saraki to do is to relinquish the crown and the seat he occupies after defection.

Reacting to Oshiomole’s comment, Melaye in an interview with newsmen, said Oshiomole’s comment is as a result of him suffering from brain arthritis.

”For those who are saying that Saraki should resign (as Senate President), I am so disappointed in the National Chairman of APC. He was very busy with labour and social issues that he did not take time to look at the Constitution and our extant laws to know that crowns are worn in the kingdoms, villages and communities; that there is no crown in the National Assembly. He has appropriated the seat of the Senate President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to a political party. That is intellectual stagnancy. He has exhibited what can only be as a result of brain arthritis.

“I cannot understand why the national chairman of a party will not know that the seat of the Senate president is of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and has no party affiliation. Then, he appropriated the seat to APC, forgetting that even those who elected the Senate President were from the PDP. The PDP gave the Senate President 42 votes out of the 53 votes that he got on the day of election. So, the APC is the minority, even in the election of the President of the Senate.

“But the National Chairman of the APC, in his ‘bolekaja’ approach to life, myopically, intellectually stagnantly… anyway, you can’t give what you don’t have.” he said


  1. Oshiomole is from my state,and I must say that he is one of the most stupid persons Edo state has ever produced. A man who thinks problems in political parties can be solved with “Aluta continua” and Labor Union politics.HE ,Adams Oshiomole ,along with many other APC loyalist are mere sycophants .He lied about his age,he lied about several unfinished projects in EDO state and he is also one the most corrupt dudes in this ruling party.How did he become APC Chairman?Was he elected by APC majority or was he direct appointment by the cabals of the presidency?

  2. Oshiomole will definitely give an appropriate reply to this nolly-wood actor. When will the next film on kidnapping be released?


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