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Parents Claim – FMC doctor injected our baby with drug overdose


Bereaved parents by names Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Mbonu who lost their 9-month-old baby, last Friday at the Federal Medical Centre, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, have accused a certain unknown doctor for being the main reason their baby passed away.

The parents said that their baby gave up the ghost after the doctor injected the baby with an overdosed drug.

The baby’s mother said that when the medical doctor in question came in, she mixed the drug and shook it for mixture for up to 30 minutes.

She claimed:

“So, another doctor there asked her why she was shaking the drug for so long. But the female doctor said she had to shake it very well. I reminded her that they used to cut the drug into two and use 2ml syringe. I sought to know why she was using 5ml syringe for my son. But she asked me, ‘Do you want to teach me my job?’

“I brought out my baby’s leg; she then used a 5ml syringe and injected the first one with speed. She further injected the second and third. Thereafter, my baby started vomiting on my body and that is how he started shrinking. My baby died in my hands.”

The baby’s father, Mr. Joseph Mbonu, has made an appeal to the police and other important authorities to come to their rescue.

He also vowed that he would use the demise of their child to tantamount to the injustice little children have always been subjected to at hospitals.

Meanwhile, the management of the facility has ordered a seven-man committee to carry out a proper investigation on what might have led to the baby’s death.

Mr. Bernard Akpedi, The Public Relations Officer, FMC, has confirmed the commencement of the death probe on Monday.

However, Akpedi also noted that “management (of the FMC) was unhappy and sad about the death of the child”, adding that it was surprised at what happened.


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