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Passengers Lament High Transportation Fare as President Buhari visits Lagos


It has been reported that commercial transporters within Lagos have increased their transport fare to major parts of the city ahead of President Muhammadu Buhari that’s coming to the state today.

Premium Times report that the transportation fare to some parts of the state has increased to about 100 percent.

At the Alakuko-Tollgate end of the state, fare to Oshodi which ranged between N150 and N250 has skyrocketed to N400 as there are very few vehicles that drive towards that route.

A driver disclosed that commuters are stuck in the traffic following the road diversion order that has been implemented by the traffic regulation agencies in Lagos state.

A passenger whose name is Haleem lamented the situation saying it is tantamount to compounding the hardship of Nigerians.

Another passenger by name John Agwu said on Wednesday night, he trekked all the way from Ikeja to Agege due to the effect of the diversion.

“We trekked to Agege from Ikeja yesterday. It was pathetic. How can the governor of a state inconvenience the taxpayers just because the President is visiting. I give up,” he said.

From Agege, there were very few vehicles plying the Ikeja route with an increase of between N50 and N100 in the fare.

For the tricycle riders, popularly called “Keke Marwa”, the transport fare from Agege to Ikeja was increased from N150 to N300, a 100 percent increase.

Charles Uju, a passenger, lamented the increment, saying many passengers would be stranded on the road due to the sharp increment.

The Lagos State Government declared Thursday public holiday ahead of Mr. Buhari’s visit.

The government also announced that traffic would be diverted in some roads around the metropolis to ease movement of people.

Mr. Buhari is expected to arrive the state before noon Thursday. He is also expected to commission some projects and attend the 66th birthday colloquium of a national leader of the ruling All Progressives Congress, Bola Tinubu.


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