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Pastor, Dr. Daniel Olukoya – Satanic Witchcrafts are Behind Massive Death in Nigeria


The General Superintendent of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFM), Daniel Olukoya, has disclosed satanic witchcraft is behind many attacks and bloodshed that Nigerians encounters in several parts of the country.

The Pastor said this while he was preaching at the church’s monthly “Power Must Change Hands” meeting that was held at the Prayer City, Ogun state, on Saturday

 “Anywhere you see any bloodshed or massive death of people it is not terrorism but the work of satanic witchcraft. An evil force is the one behind all those bloodshed. Do you expect a sane human being to just slaughter another human being who is still alive when he will even think twice when killing a hen or cow?

Nigerians need to wake up from their slumber as there is a massive resurgence of witchcraft all over the world. Nigeria is in the era of the great wrath where so many mysterious things have occurred; I mean unexplainable se.xual perversion, unavoidable terrorism, emergence of kidnappers who are hungry for blood and terrible accidents. I urge all Nigerians to watch and pray and be vigilant as we are in the end time. So many things are happening” he said

This was after Femi Adeshina, the Special Adviser to the President of Media and Publicity, said this in Abuja that the country needs the interference of notable men of God to pass through the turbulence that Nigeria is going through at the moment.

He said this when pastors of the Gospel Faith Mission International led by the Deputy General Overseer of the Mission, Pastor Emmanuel Oluwayemi paid him a courtesy call in his office.

“As we approach the election year, please continue to pray that all will be well with our country. People are getting desperate to ensure that their desires, often ill-motivated, are actualised. But by the prayers of spiritual fathers like you, it will be well with the country,” Adesina said.


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