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A Pastor gets a Lady angry while preaching during Church Service


A lady went on Twitter to narrate how she walked out of church service after her mom’s pastor made this statement.


  1. In addition to what Onu Eleazu has said, sister can i tell you that in Christ Jesus dwells all the fulness, joy of this world, so him who have Jesus has a value that is immeasurable in this world and in the world to come, than he that has acquired wealth but has not acquired Christ. Hope you are aware, that in HIM were all things created, including wealth and out of HIM nothing was created.
    Your mother’s pastor and the believers clearly understand what that statement meant, it’s not a demonic delusion dear, it is the truth that is hidden.
    I just pray that in all you will be getting in this life, you will get understanding.

  2. You considered your pastor’s comment irritating because you are of the world and such word will sound foolish to you. Try and read your bible and there you will find God telling His children such words like:
    ‘He that is in you is greater than he that is in the world”
    “Do not store up your riches on earth where thieves, dust, moth and rust will corrupt it rather, store up your treasures in heaven where no thieves, dust, moth and rust could get to.
    Also read the story of Lazarus and the rich man.

    Let he that have ears, hear what the spirit is saying in these last days.

    • What made you and the Pastor think that Dangote does not have treasures in heaven. What is the rationale for believing Dangote is not walking in line with the purpose of God? Christianity does not have the monopoly to righteousness! Some non Christians might even make heaven ahead of that Pastor! My take


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