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Payporte Declares – We love Cee-C


The BBNaija show has ended, this year’s edition also had a controversial housemate in the house. During the show, the sponsors, Payporte, had scolded Cee-C over her comment on one of the costumes that were given to her.

It can be recalled during her stay at the BBNaija house, she destroyed the Efik bridal attire Payporte gave to her, and she also said rash things about the fashion designer of the attire, asking why they wasted so much time to sew the dress.

Her actions caused major reactions from Nigerians, many of whom criticized her for disrespecting the Efik culture. Shortly after the outrage began, Payporte went on social media to give a statement, noting how unhappy they are with her.

Payporte’s management is now at peace with Cee-C.

This is a statement that Payporte made during the show below.

PayPorte is very dis-pleased by the comments made by @ceec_official about the outfit given to her. We take out time to style all housemates with respect to the theme of every Saturday party. We consider this a disrespect to our brand and consider this offensive.

Cee-c who made it to the finals of the show, was at Payporte’s office today and it was nothing but love.

Cee-C also revealed this during a question-and-answer session between finalists and their fans that was organized by Payporte.

During the session, Cee-c accepted the fact that she needs help for anger management and that she was ready to attend classes for it.

She answered a fan, saying, “Yeah, I need  anger management classes.”

Earlier, a foundation known as KBK gave Cee-C and Alex  N250,000 each.

Alex was given the money to take care of her sick dad, while Cee-C was told to use it for therapy and to also donate some of it to charity.


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