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PDP replies Lai Mohammed – We’ll always reply APC lies with facts


ABUJA-The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has told the All Progressives Congress (APC)-led government that it will always reply its lies with facts and continue to be firm on the side of the people.

The party also replied the Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed that it does not need his so-called “crash course” on opposition politics as such will be full of the advanced syllabus on lies, falsehood, deception, and propaganda, which are patent trademarks of the APC and its controlled government.

The party in a statement on Thursday said the federal government should rather hide its face in shame, having been busted in its numerous lies in governance, the latest being its complicity in the abduction and return of the Dapchi School girls.

“We hope Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the APC as well as the federal government are following the reactions and comments of Nigerians on this latest ruse and noting how their party and government are being mocked.

“Your APC and government have become frustrated because you can no longer hoodwink Nigerians as you did in the past. The PDP will, therefore, overlook your intemperate reactions as signs of these times. “Alhaji Lai Mohammed need not be in a hurry to defend his dishonest and dysfunctional government as he would soon have more than enough to chew.

This administration will at the appropriate time, provide an answer to allegations that while the nation sorrow, agents of the APC are busy in financial rackets and criminal round-tripping of ransoms, in foreign currencies, to service APC interests.

“The minister should be ready to explain, at the appropriate time, those behind the transactions, who got what and under what agreements, as well as the truth behind allegations of clandestine deals with insurgents.

Our promise to the APC, the federal government and of course, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, is that the PDP will never condescend to lies, deception, and propaganda as we do not have any need for that,” the statement read in part.

Source: Vanguard


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