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Photos of the house comedian Igodye built his son on his 9th birthday


Comedian, I GoDye, said he built this massive for his son, Roy Agoda, who clocked 9 on Friday, June 7, 2019.

In his birthday message to his son, the comedian wrote:

I celebrate your 9 years birthday my son, expressing 
the essence of shelter, reminiscent of how some of us grow up,with some things we never had.This GOLDEN SEAL CASTLE Birthday gift is just a step for you to achieve greater things in the future and praying that God should grant this privilege to many others. 

May this little gift bring forth hope to many children,who may not be privileged to have good shelter,nurturing in them that every thing is possible.

I can’t define the future but I will try to bring more than a million smiles to your life,by bringing your dreams closer at all times by the grace of God. #happybirthday my prince Roy Agoda.


  1. he is crazy i believe he used human being for ritual money and cover it up with comedy.
    what a world, many Ladies would have died in there hand all in the name to make money at all cost.
    fake comedy
    cocaine dealer
    arm robber
    Police should investigate there source of money because many Nigerians have die in there hand secret

  2. First off, to Ozodi and Chris, I have some questions for you both to answer.

    Is it his(IGoDye) delegated civic responsibility as a Nigerian citizen to deploy his personal hard earned money to build shelters for destitute and the homeless in the country Nigeria or the responsibility of the Federal, State and Local Government?

    Are you in his daily life to know if IGoDye does not give alms to the less privileged in other ways?
    Does he have to do a video of him helping people BEFORE you all know he is actually helping the needy in his community?

    FYI, I am not his family, I am just a real thinker with a broad mind.

    In my community, I go down the street to a woman that sells food and give her 5,000 every day to feed people without money. I sit there and make sure she sells free food worth N300 to different people until my 5,000 is finished, then I leave. Nobody knows I do this. I do not need to do a video to prove this. You are not in IGoDye’s life, you have NO CLUE what he is doing to help people.

  3. That’s pretty stupid and self serving.
    If he want to aid his son, he should have deployed such wealth towards actual sheltering projects for the destitute and homeless.
    There are schools in his locality that could get dormitories or classrooms for the future of our kids.
    Crazy how you milk people in the diaspora in the name of comedy and stand to destroy the future of a toddler.
    God can’t be mocked so also Karma.

    • Yeah. Seriously, how will such a gift to a 9 years old boy bring hope to other children who may not be privileged to have good shelter?


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